If you've ever lost an iPhone but then recovered it later, you'll know that it's a pretty relieving feeling. Most people find their lost iPhone in their car or in the bottom drawer at work, but, in some cases, devices turn up in rather more peculiar places.

MobileInsurance.co.uk has looked back over past claims from phone owners who had informed the phone insurance company that their handset was lost, only to withdraw their claim later after recovering their iPhone. Here are the top 10 strangest places lost mobile phones have been found, as shared by the company.

1. Inside a wall

A builder from Stockport lost his phone, but was later called by a customer who said that they had heard a phone ringing from inside the wall of their new extension. The builder had to return to the house to remove the phone and patch the wall back up again.

2. In a hay bale

A farmer managed to recover his phone after finding it a somewhat sorry condition in the edge of a hay bale.

3. In the fridge

After informing MobileInsurance.co.uk that she had lost her phone, a 19-year-old woman from Birmingham got back in touch to let the company know that she had found her phone next to the milk in her fridge.

4. Buried in a flower bed

A keen gardener from York recovered his phone from beneath the soil in one of his flower beds.

5. In a hamster cage

One cheeky little boy must have found it hilarious when his dad found his lost phone beneath the sawdust in his pet hamster's cage.

6. Under a car bonnet

A man in his 20s who had lost his iPhone after topping up the screen wash in his car eventually found it again days later underneath the bonnet.

7. Between two books in the library

A woman from Cambridge withdrew her lost phone claim after her library got in touch to let her know that they had found her phone sandwiched between two books in the non-fiction section.

8. At the petrol station

We particularly like the case of a woman in Plymouth who found her phone a week after losing it when she returned to her local petrol station to fill up her car. It was exactly where she left it: on top of the fuel pump, tucked behind a promotional leaflet.

9. Down the toilet

Unfortunately for a 40-year-old man from Liverpool, his phone rediscovery story doesn't have a happy ending. He found it submerged in his toilet cistern, and is still confused about how it actually got there.

10. Inside a coffin

Perhaps the most shocking of all is the case of an undertaker from London, who discovered that he his phone was inside a coffin that was also occupied by a body that was due to be buried.

So there you have it. The top 10 strangest places lost mobile phones have turned up. Have you ever lost your phone only to discover it in a peculiar place? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter.

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