Kaspersky Lab has discovered a new Trojan that can infect Macs. It is called GravityRAT and has previously been spread on Windows.

Because of how capable it is - and that it has been used in attacks on, among other things, the military - Kaspersky Lab calls GravityRAT "infamous".

The Trojan can, among other things, upload Office files, take automatic screenshots and record keyboard logs.

GravityRAT uses stolen developer certificates to bypass Gatekeeper and trick users into installing legitimate software. The Trojan is hidden in copies of various legitimate programs developed with .net, Python and Electron.

A control server that sends new commands and receives exfiltered files and data from the infected computer is shared with two other malware, Enigma and Titanium, writes Bleeping Computer.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by Karen Haslam.