Apple Expo 2000 in the UK has now definitely been cancelled. Bob Denton, UK organizer of the troubled show now has the unenviable task of informing exhibitors and the wider UK Apple community of the event's complete collapse.

Following the announcement that Apple was to pull out of the Expo (see "Apple pulls out of its own Expo…again?"), exhibitors, resellers and Apple people alike expressed their disgust and amazement at Apple’s perceived slap in the face to the Apple community here. A series of meetings have been taking place for several weeks between Apple and Web/CKS in an attempt to salvage something from the Apple-inspired debacle. (see "Doubt surrounds UK Expo")

It transpires that when Apple pulled out it also withdrew the rights for US Web/CKS to use the name Apple Expo for the event. This meant that “any aspiration of pressing on without Apple became forlorn”, according to Denton. A formal announcement is expected over the next few days.