A flash memory-based ultraportable Mac may hit the market as soon as Macworld Expo, a leading analyst has warned.

Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster made his predictions in his latest note to clients, pointing to Samsung's recent introduction of new 64GB flash memory drives.

“We believe NAND Flash drive sizes have now reached capacities that Apple would consider large enough to include in a new MacBook model,” the analyst wrote.

Of course, news of a flash memory-based ultraportable Mac is by no means new, like the years of speculation surrounding the iPhone, there's been hot whispers on the idea of a flash-based Apple laptop for three years now.

The ultra-portable laptop is said to be 50 per cent lighter than Apple’s current 15-inch MacBook Pro and should sport a 13-inch LED display, claims AppleInsider.

Recent whispers also suggest a tablet Mac or a Mac equipped with Apple's multi-touch technology may emerge as possible future products from the company.