Umax has released a beta OS X driver for its PowerLook 1100 FireWire scanner.

The driver is the MagicScan 5.01 and is available for download from Umax.

The PowerLook 1100 is the company's high-resolution FireWire scanner. It features support for RGB, line art, grey scale and batch scanning. It also offers standard colour-correction features, has an adjustable preview resolution and a proof button.

The professional version of the scanner supports Binuscan PhotoPerfect. This provides high-quality results from transparencies and reflective prints with the click of the scan button. Using a pre calibrated "Module", Binuscan assesses the image and performs a colour correction and enhancement of the image.

The scanner comes with a complement of graphics software, including OmniPage LE and Photoshop 5.0 LE, and has a two-year warranty. It costs £699 plus VAT.