Apple will launch WWDC 2007 with a one-and-a-half hour keynote speech, the company has confirmed, admitting that earlier news of a three-hour session was simply a "typo".

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has customarily taken part in the speech to the company's loyal developer community, and this year's keynote seems set to cover the gamut of the company's future strategy.

The keynote will begin at 9am (or 5pm in the UK) on 11 June, but will end at 10.30am (6.30pm, UK time), company sources said. Apple did admit that previous reports claiming an extra-long three-hour session were based on misleading information originally published on its WWDC web pages. It "was a typo," a representative told Macworld UK.

The event remains an essential date in the Apple calendar. Previous keynotes have seen in-depth previews of Apple's operating systems, computers and overall strategic announcements. One famous WWDC keynote saw Jobs solemnly proclaim the "death of OS 9".

Apple this week confirmed that the company won't now ship Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' until October, but promised to offer developers attending WWDC preview versions of the new OS to take home with them after the show.

With such a wide developer distribution of the software planned, this suggests the keynote may explore some hitherto unknown features of the OS. Also, given the current focus on the iPhone development, it seems likely that the show may focus on development of applications for that device.

The company has also ramped-up its WWDC web pages. Among other developer-focused goodies it is now offering a series of "coding headstarts".

These offer video assets, lesson guides and sample code (Xcode format) in order to furnish developers with step-by-step guides to help them create new features i their applications using the development language, APIs and frameworks of Leopard.

The company has also assembled special offer hotel rates for developers attending the show.