Apple is offering employees the chance to receive COVID-19 vaccinations in its headquarters at Cupertino.

The vaccine programme is being developed together with the American pharmacy chain Walgreens to allow employees to be vaccinated directly in Apple's office buildings, Bloomberg writes.

Apple has also launched a website where employees will be able to sign up. Since March, Apple has been offering staff sick leave to take and recover from the vaccine, following reports last year that employees were struggling to cope with lockdown.

It seems likely that the move is intended to encourage staff to feel safe and able to return to the office. But Bloomberg notes that the company has not stipulated that employees must agree to return to the office in order to receive the vaccination.

It is not clear if Apple's staff on the company's campus in Austin, Texas are included in the programme, or employees at the Apple Stores around the US.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.