A cute video has captured the moment when a baby tried and failed to communicate with an iPhone using Siri.

Forgive the combination of cuteness and non-newsworthiness in the following article, but we can't help ourselves. CNN has posted a video of a baby trying to talk to the Siri voice recognition function on an iPhone.

The little chap activates Siri - possibly accidentally, we've all been there - but then picks the phone up in his chubby fists and talks into it like an expert. "Adadada!" Sadly Siri can't work out what this means.

"I don't know what you mean by: 'WWW'. How about a web search for it?"

He tries again: "Dadada". But again Siri can't make head nor tail of the request.

The final caption says #USELESS, which seems a little harsh. He's only a baby.

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Look at his little Winston Churchill face! Daw.

Interestingly, there's a TV going in the background that's talking about Navajos with "a piece of fabric to cover their private parts". The phrase is repeated at the end of the video, which is slightly disturbing. Try to ignore that.

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