In our video of the iPad mini launch we talk to the people heading up the queue at the Regent Street Apple Store about why they are buying an iPad mini and why they wanted to camp out on Regent Street on a cold November night.

The queuers also share their thoughts about the new iPads, discussing the pros and cons of the iPad mini compared to the standard iPad, and their preferences for black or white.

Will the iPad mini be the must-have Christmas present? Is the price too high? Why not wait until Apple launches the cellular version of the iPad mini? And what will people be doing with their iPad 3? We find out.

The video demonstrates that while there were certainly fewer people in the queue than there were for the iPad 3 earlier this year, there were a significant number of people queuing. Towards the end of the video we note that some people queued up despite pre-ordering an iPad mini from Apple having discover that the product would not be delivered today, as expected. One theory is that, concerned that the launch would be lacklustre, Apple has delayed shipments of the iPad mini in the hope that people might queue up to buy an iPad mini on launch day, although that seems rather sceptical. It's almost like saying Apple caused Hurricane Sandy so that they can blame the weather if sales don't meet expectations.

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