Handspring yesterday announced UK pricing for two models added to its PDA range.

The Visor Neo costs £169 and ships with 8MB of memory in red or blue casings. The Visor Pro costs £269 and features 16MB memory, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a silver casing. It replaces the Visor Deluxe.

Both new models feature a Springboard expansion slot, and the company has also launched a 16MB back-up module. The models use Motorola's Dragonball VZ processor, offer backlit monochrome screens supporting four-bit greyscale.

"We designed Visor Pro to deliver the capacity and performance power-users and business professionals need. Visor Neo is fully expandable and runs as fast as our high-end products," said Joe Sipher, vice president of product marketing for Handspring.

The new products come as Handspring and market leader Palm face stiff competition from handheld-market newcomers – Compaq, Sharp and Sony. Toshiba and NEC also plan to debut on the Japanese PDA market with their own devices by the end of the year.