Apple dominates what seems set to become an ever-more dirty war for dominance in the digital media market.

The company has often espoused the virtue of its whole widget approach, saying its ability to provide both the music service and music player offers it an advantage in the space.

The competition is catching on.

Samsung this week said it will create its own media download service designed to work with its own devices.

Sony is catching the wave as well. Software development firm Sony Media Software announced PSP Media Manager last night.

This Windows software offers PSP (PlayStation Portable) owners a slick interface for managing assets such as music, photos and movies. It also lets them synchronise their PC content with the PSP.

The software emulates many of the features spearheaded by Apple, including a feature that lets them subscribe to RSS feeds, including podcasts.

A download-only version is available now at $19.95 from Sony. The $29.95 boxed version ships next month. This will include a 6-foot USB 2.0 cable, sample media, and five free song downloads from Sony's CONNECT music store.