Steve Jobs was famous for his “One more thing” moments at keynote presentations, and now you can watch them all in one place.

Apple Gazette has put together a collection of every “One more thing” moment from Apple’s late co-founder. There are more than 30 that were recorded at keynote speeches throughout Steve Jobs’ career.

“Jobs viewed his presentations as a form of storytelling,” writes the Apple Gazette. “His job as the storyteller was to wow his audience and get the buzz started. Anytime he put together a keynote that he feared might not have quite the level of pizzazz he was after, he pulled out the “one more thing” trick to top things off.”

12 of the “One more thing” moments took place at Macworld expos across the globe. The very first occurrence of the famous moment mentioned in Apple Gazette’s article was at Macworld San Francisco in 1998, when Jobs was “Interim” CEO of Apple.

Jobs used “One more thing” moments to announce products such as the 17in iMac G4 at Macworld New York in 2002, the PowerMac G5 at WWDC in 2003, the first MacBook Pro at Macworld in 2006, FaceTime at WWDC in 2012, and, at his last keynote address just four months before he died, Jobs announced iTunes Match as his “One more thing.”

To watch the Apple Gazette’s entire collection of “One more thing” moments, click here.