The first Apple Watch update is here, and while it doesn't include amazing features like Find My Watch and third-party watch face Complications, it does promise to make the device work better.

The update delivers improved performance for Siri, third-party apps, accessibility, calculating indoor cycling and rowing workout calories, measuring stand activity, and measuring distance and pace during outdoor walk and run workouts. I'm looking forward to the workout upgrades, because the native Workout app has shown iffy stats when it comes to distance and pace compared to third-party apps.

The update also adds support for seven new languages, including Swedish and Thai, plus support for new emoji.

The process for updating your Apple Watch is a little different from installing an iOS update. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and then tap through the following settings: My Watch > General > Software Update. Your watch will need to be in iPhone range, connected to its charger, and also at least 50 percent charged. This update takes awhile, in my experience, so charge up and leave it alone. When you come back, your watch should be back up to speed.

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