Somersby Cider has mimicked Apple's product launches in a clever new UK advert that pokes fun at the Apple Store experience by imagining what it would be like if buying cider was like buying a new iPhone or iPad.

The ad begins with a count down to a Somersby Store's opening on the morning of the Apple cider launch, complete with cheering staff and an excited crowd waiting outside ready to become one of the first people to snap up a pint.

Among the Apple references in the minute-long advert is a fan's mention of the cider's latest operating system, 'Pump,' as well as staff members' explanations of '16 pip' and '32 pip' models, wireless features, single core and dual core options, docking compatibility and even a demonstration of how to use the 'in to face'.

To conclude, Somersby, a Carlsberg brand, touts that its cider has "Less apps, more apples."


You can watch the full advert below for a chuckle:

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