Each year, during the summer holidays, Apple runs various free classes in its retail stores where kids can learn coding, create music and explore movie making while using Apple products. Apple Camp, as it's called, has proven popular and fun, with the added bonus of giving parents a little break from their loved ones over the long holiday, even if it is only for an hour or two.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, these kinds of meetings are now regarded as a bad idea, but thanks to the internet there is an alternative. We take a look at what Apple Camp at Home has to offer.

What is Apple Camp at Home?

We've all grown used to working and studying from home, so the idea of Apple Camp at Home is pretty self-explanatory. Projects that would have been taught in retail stores have now been retooled so that kids can access them online instead. To make this possible, Apple has set up tutorials that include an orientation video to get things started, an interactive Activity Book to take student through the task, and live Q&A sessions where they can ask for help along the way.

You can access the UK Apple Camp at Home pages on Apple's website here.

What age group is suitable for Apple Camp at Home?

The course material for Apple Camp at Home is aimed at children aged 8-12 years old.

How much does Apple Camp at Home cost?

Taking part in Apple Camp at Home is completely free.

What do I need to take part in an Apple Camp at Home project?

Depending on the project, you'll need either an iPhone or iPad, plus the Swift Playgrounds app. The latter was introduced back in 2016 as a way to help younger users learn the basics of coding. We've already written about how to use Swift Playgrounds, and it works all year round, not just when Apple Camp at Home is in session.

What is Apple Camp At Home: Requirements

You need to download Apple's 'Activity Book' (which Apple says works best on an iPad, especially when paired with an Apple Pencil or a good stylus). The students then write in it and fill in the various section. The book features a fun and cartoonish design, making the lessons more like a game than some dull textbook-led task.

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How long are the courses on Apple Camp at Home?

The projects run across seven-days, so there's plenty for the students to get their teeth into, but places are limited, so you have to book online to ensure that your child can take part.

Right now there are courses available all month. Click on Sign me up for the date(s) that appeals to you here.

What are the Apple Camp at Home courses?

This year's projects include: 

  • Create a one-minute video to share a positive message for change in your neighbourhood.
  • Brainstorm and draw a design for a dream space that brings happiness to you and your family.
  • Code your own helpful robot using basic programming skills in Swift Playgrounds.

When does Apple Camp at Home end?

In the US the initiative has already finished, but here in the UK it's still running until 21 August. Time is short but if you're quick you can sign up for the final coding project which teaches children to use the Swift programming language to create a ‘helpful robot'. So, if you have a young one who fancies the idea of one day making their own app for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS or watchOS, then the Apple at Home project is a great place to start.

On Apple's US site, you're still able to download the Activity Book for the coding project, meaning kids can continue to work through the majority of the course, and we expect a similar approach in the UK.

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