Apple unveiled its new iOS 7 mobile operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on Monday night, and Apple fans, tech experts and armchair bloggers have been quick to make their feelings known. Here we round up some of the more negative thoughts on Apple iOS 7 - but bear in mind that it's still in beta, and there may be major changes before the official version of iOS 7 launches in the autumn.

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Apple iOS 7: Flatter visuals

Layton Duncan, writing for the National Business Review, doesn't think much of the new-look icons.

"Personally I’m incredibly disappointed in the quality of the iconography," he writes. "It really is abysmal - not what I expect from Apple at all.

"The unrefined, amateurish gaudy gradients, the inconsistent light sources from one icon to the next. It doesn’t make for a pretty home screen. I suspect this will be fixed before shipping, [but] it feels very sloppy visually right now."

Apple iOS 7 Home screen

Duncan also feels the overall visual move from quasi-realistic skeuomorphic design to a flatter feel is an over-reaction.

"In truth it feels a bit like a knee jerk over-correction from the skeuomorphic, to the completely flat and chromeless," he says. "I think there’s a medium ground somewhere which would achieve Apple’s aim of deference, but still avoiding this potential for confusion."

Kori Ellis, on, worries that the new look makes iOS 7 feel too much like other mobile operating systems.

"Say what you want about Apple products, but at least they always had their own vibe," Ellis argues. "The new update eliminates that. Now, iPhones and iPads will look like more expensive versions of their Android cousins. That green felt and wood aesthetic that Apple was so excited to discard at least allowed Apple to stand out from the crowd."

Ellis also complained that the redesign would be confusing: "After one seemingly harmless update, everything about your phone becomes different. From the look of it all to the wide range of new gesture commands that you don't know about yet, you'll probably find yourself struggling to get used to the new software."

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Apple iOS 7: Colour palette

The bright colours of iOS 7 - Christopher Phin called it an "acid colour palette" - came in for some criticism. Writing on Twitter, Frank Chimero joked that the loud hues and gradients remind him of 'nail art'. Discussing the design decisions behind iOS 7 in a little more depth on his blog, Chimero said:

"There’s a tendency to overindulge in very visible ways (such as the bright, almost garish colours and the use of transparency and blurring) and undervalue more subtle ways of establishing graphic tone (such as the use of Helvetica as the primary typeface instead of something with more character and better suited for interfaces)."

Apple iOS 7 Game Center

Apple iOS 7: iTunes Radio

Ian Kar of isn't convinced by the advantages of iTunes Radio.

"The issue is that iTunes Radio is simply a radio service," he begins. "If you're going to subscribe to one of the big three streaming music services, why not Spotify? It not only has a radio, but lets you save playlists offline, play any song you want at any time, and more. A radio streaming service just seems limiting compared to Spotify's streaming music service."

Apple iTunes Radio iOS 7