Apple released a new beta update for iOS 14 in mid December 2020. Then in January 2021 Apple issued a second updated to the iOS 14.4 beta.

Here's what you need to know about iOS 14.4.

When will iOS 14.4 arrive?

Beta versions tend to see multiple updates prior to the final versions being made available. We expect the final version to land in late January or February 2021. 

New features in iOS 14.4

One of the best things about Apple's beta program (read: How to become an Apple beta tester) is that it grants us an insight into the new features and change that are coming to iPhones.

It appears that iOS 14.4 will bring new HomePod mini features - specifically it will enable the U1-based proximity features of the mini Apple speaker.

In addition, beta testers have revealed that the January 2021 update will warn iPhone uses if their iPhone has been equipped with non-original camera hardware.

Since the iPhone 11 there have been warnings about batteries and displays that do not come from Apple's original suppliers, for example when cheaper replacement parts are used for repairs.

The new warning should have no effect on the functionality of the camera, as is the case with the display and battery - users should only be able to prepare for any quality compromises.

It is possible we will see other new features added before the final version arrives, including bug and security fixes.

On 14 December Apple updated iOS 14 to iOS 14.3. You can read about what's in iOS 14.3, we also have all the latest news about iOS 14 and any problems and issues people are having.

How to get the iOS 14.4 beta

If you are interested in participating in testing the new updates, you can go to the Apple Beta Software Program and enter your details. Note that beta versions usually contain a lot of bugs, so the installation is at your own risk.

There are also new beta versions of the software for iPadOS, tvOS, and WatchOS.

Beta testers will find new beta versions of iOS 14.4, as well as iPadOS 14.4, tvOS 14.4 and watchOS 7.3.

For more information read: How to join Apple's beta program and try out new software. Also read: How to get the iOS beta.