Update: as of 6 August the Public Beta of macOS Big Sur is now out! 

If you are anything like us you'll be eagerly anticipating the arrival of the public beta of Big Sur and wondering when the macOS Big Sur public beta release date will be.

The iOS 14 public beta has been out since 9 July and version 3 was available as of 23 July. So, understandably, Mac users are wondering why they are still waiting for the public beta of macOS 11 Big Sur to arrive.

All we know right now is that Apple has said that the Big Sur public beta will be out in July. This leaves the company exactly one week to meet this target.

So, all being well, we can predict that the macOS Big Sur beta will be available for public beta testers by Friday 31 July.

Another indication that the public beta will arrive soon is the fact that the developer beta of Big Sur is now in version 3, as of 22 July.

Big Sur Public Beta Release date

If you would like to try out the Big Sur beta, you can join Apple's Public Beta program. Anyone can join and it's completely free. We explain how to join Apple's Beta program here.  However, you should note that running Beta software could cause problems with your Mac as it is likely to have bugs.

Once you are signed up as a beta tester, we have a separate article explaining how to install the macOS Big Sur beta.

Incidentally, if you are getting impatient about waiting for the Public Beta to arrive, there is a way to run the developer beta - although we don't recommend it. You can find out how to run the developer beta even if you aren't a developer here.

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