The White House has reportedly increased pressure on chip manufacturers such as Intel and TSMC to manufacture their processors in the US in the near future. At present, most processors are manufactured in China, something the US government has strongly criticised.

Intel and TSMC both make enormous quantities of chips for Apple (although we've argued elsewhere that Apple needs to ditch Intel). Taiwanese TSMC, which manufactures the processors found in the iPhone and iPad, does not completely reject the proposal.

"We are actively investigating all suitable locations, including the United States, but there are no concrete plans yet," a spokesman for TSMC said in a statement quoted by AppleInsider.

The ongoing pandemic has shown that it may be wise to spread production across several countries, so it is conceivable that the companies in question will choose to manufacture their processors in both China and the US in the long run.

This article originally appeared on MacWorld Sweden. Translation by David Price.