What does the name Chris Espinosa mean to you? He's a development engineering manager on Apple's Xcode team, for sure, but he's also the longest-serving Apple employee.

Electricpig has done some digging around and unearthed the story of Espinosa, who was 14 when he joined the company in 1976 and has worked for the company consecutively since then.

While Steve Jobs has only 24 years under his belt at Apple, having been sacked in 1985 by John Sculley only to return in 1996 when the company bought NeXT Computer, Espinosa can boast 35 years. Steve Wozniak, though he still receives a paycheck from Apple, ended his active employment with the company in 1987.

He was employee number eight - Wozniak was number one, somewhat contentiously, whereas Jobs preferred to be known as number zero rather than number two - and one of Espinosa' first noteable tasks at the company was to compile a manual for the Apple II.

For the full story of Chris Espinosa, the 14-year-old who joined Apple in 1976 and is still there, go to Electricpig.