Not many people know this, but Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak invented the classic video arcade game Breakout before getting Apple into gear. Jobs was working for Atari at the time, Woz for Hewlett-Packard.

The Breakout story became controversial when, years later, it was revealed that Jobs kept more of the game-creation pay than Woz – but kept this fact a secret. Jobs pocketed nearly $7,000, but Woz got just $350. Although he says that this "hurt" him, the avuncular Wozniak says that it’s all behind him now: "I would gladly have designed the game for free, just to do it … If there was some dishonesty, I'm over that. Who hasn't done some things that would be considered bad, anyway? I doubt that I'd find such a person interesting."

In an answer to an email request for more info, Woz tells more about this momentous computer event in a response on his highly informative Web site.

"I probably had a pizza to celebrate," says Woz, who adds that Jobs was "well liked by the Atari execs".