Aladdin Systems is shipping ShrinkWrap 3.5, an enhanced version of its disk-imaging utility.

ShrinkWrap is useful for storing, accessing and sharing songs, games and other files. It makes exact copies of CDs, floppies, and entire drives and turns it into a disk image file on the desktop or for sending over the Internet.

Disk images are created by dragging-&-dropping the item onto the application. The new version has new support for HFS +, and Apple’s segmented disk-images can be created, read, written and mounted without using scripting software.

Users can now choose to copy only the used blocks of a volume, and the software now supports Navigation Services, so that Open/Save dialogs are movable and support multiple selections.

ShrinkWrap is available directly from Aladdin Systems for $24.95, upgrades cost $14.95.