Apple CEO Steve Jobs has confirmed that the company's recently-acquired PA Semi chipmaker's teams will be tasked with building chips for the iPhone and the iPod.

“PA Semi is going to do system-on-chips for iPhones and iPods,” Jobs told the New York Times.

He said the move was predicated by the need for the technology industry to better manage existing solutions and technologies.

“We’ve added over a thousand features to Mac OS X in the last five years,” he said Monday in an interview after his presentation. “We’re going to hit the pause button on new features.”

He added: “The way the processor industry is going is to add more and more cores, but nobody knows how to program those things,” he said. “I mean, two, yeah; four, not really; eight, forget it.”

Apple agreed a deal to purchase the award-winning PowerPC-based processor development firm in April. While wide speculation circulated on the meaning of the acquisition, the only Apple statement given at the time was as follows: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not comment on our purposes and plans.”

Jobs also touched on some of the coming technological improvements in Snow Leopard, for example, the software's future ability to exploit the graphics processors inside Macs for non graphics tasks.