Yahoo is moving forward with its plans to expand wireless access to
its Internet portal site - a strategy dubbed Yahoo! Everywhere - with
the addition of the Yahoo! Mobile Web site, the Internet media
company announced yesterday.

The move by Yahoo coincides with a trend by other Internet media
companies, including Microsoft, to establish access to Internet portal
site through mobile phones.

Portals are Web sites that compile a wide variety of content, services
and links to other sites.

Yahoo! Mobile currently works with devices based on 3Com's Palm
Pilot as well as palm-sized devices running Microsoft's WinCE
operating system, according to the company. The service is expected
to work with other wireless devices by the end of the year.

Yahoo recently announced agreements for US content and service
distribution with Palm Computing, a 3Com company; Sprint PCS the
largest PCS provider in the US; and PageNet, the Paging Network
service. Internationally, Yahoo also has signed partnerships with
SmarTone in Hong Kong; D2 in Germany; and, SK Telecom and
Hansol PCS in Korea.

Future distribution agreements in the UK are expected soon.