Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said every company can learn from the examples set by Apple and Steve Jobs.

Celebrating Facebook's latest milestone – passing the billion-user mark - company CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke with US TV network NBC about the achievement, Facebook's influences and history, and its future plans. Zuckerberg took the opportunity to briefly pay tribute to the inspiration he gained from Apple boss Steve Jobs, who died a year ago.

"[Steve Jobs] was just so focused," Zuckerberg said. "For him, the user experience was the only thing that mattered. I think that there's a lot that every company can learn from that."

Asked about his thoughts on Apple's iPhone 5 launch, Zuckerberg revealed that Tim Cook had sent him one of the handsets as a gift, to the great delight of interviewer Matt Lauer. "You got a freebie!" he exclaimed. "You didn't even have to pay anything, huh?"

Lauer saw his chance of a scoop, and immediately asked the big question: "So are you now an iPhone 5 user?" But Zuckerberg wouldn't be pinned down, and said he uses "all of them". Very diplomatic, Mark.

You can watch the interview on CultofMac.

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