Microsoft recently confirmed it has sold just over a million Zunes - but recent research says most Zune owners rue the day they ever dipped into their pocket to pick one up, with 70 per cent of Zune owners planning to ditch the device in favour of an iPod or iPhone just as soon as they can.

Survey research from the Eagle Research Group shows most Zune owners are displeased, meaning the player has acquired little brand loyalty.

Zune owners surveyed are most excited by iPhone's ability to let users navigate their music using Cover Flow.

An astonishing 36 per cent of people who purchased a Zune now say they would never have purchased one if they had realised Apple would produce something as innovative as the iPhone.

Of course, exceptions prove the rule, according to reports, the 30 per cent of Zune owners who plan to stick with their player for now could be tempted by an iPhone with larger capacity storage.

22 per cent of the 30 per cent of vaguely loyal Zune owners are motivated by their "dislike of Apple", the survey explains. Cultists!