Greenpeace is at it once again, urging Apple to both make their computers greener and implement some kind of recycling program. Only this time they’re employing a bit of a different method: Al Gore. Seeing as Al Gore sits on Apple’s board of directors and is widely known for his environmental advocacy, Greenpeace and over 70 other groups are urging Gore to urge Apple to up their environmental game.

Reportedly the Apple Board of Directors has two different proposals in front of it which would improve Apple’s environmental policies. As of right now, draft versions of board documents say that the board unanimously opposes these proposals. This is where environmental groups want Gore to step in and do some convincing to reverse the board recommendation. Ultimately this recommendation will be made to the shareholders who will vote on the proposals.

Gore, being a smart man with both environmental and business commitments, I’m sure will make the right choice. While I personally would love to see Apple improve its environmental game, in such a time of growth for the company, it may not be the right time.

This article first appeared on Macworld's sister site, Mac User (US).