The third annual UC Davis Study of California Women Business Leaders results are in and Apple has a spot in the study that’s not positive. The study takes a look at the corporate leadership of the 400 largest corporations based in California for women in those positions. One out of three companies in the study have no women at the top and Apple falls into that one of three category.

The study takes a look at the annual reports as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Apple’s listed no female executives or board members. While I’m not arguing that any of Apple’s leadership isn’t worthy, that Apple should have some kind of woman quota, or that any qualified women were passed over in favor of men, but it’s unusual for a company that’s known for vision and a progressive outlook to have only men.

ScienceDaily’s article on the study is extensive and insightful. It even mentions some of the other companies profiled in the study, so check it out if so inclined.