I was suddenly taken with the urge to buy the "new" album 'Love' by The Beatles on Sunday, and unthinkingly went straight to Apple's iTunes Music Store to download it – or at least play a few samples.

As soon as I got there, of course, I remembered that The Beatles don't like Apple after its logo legal spat.

So I had to pull some shoes and a coat on, and wander off to my local HMV shop, where I was happy to see it was on sale for a mere £9.99. I wonder whether it would have been just £7.99 on iTunes, where albums of such a size (26 tracks) are often priced above this – despite the one-price-for-all pretence.

Unfortunately, my thriftiness was ruined when I purchased a stylish lamp and a pair of Marc Jacobs trousers on my way home.

So how about the news (from the respectable Fortune magazine, an old friend of Apple and its CEO Steve Jobs) that The Beatles might soon be selling their legendary tracks online, and only on iTunes?!

Fortune describes the deal as "a Nixon-Brezhnev-worthy truce" negotiated by EMI.

Not only would 'I am a Walrus' and 'Yellow Submarine' be available on iTunes, there's even talk of a special Beatles iPod and Beatles iTunes TV ad.

There's one, two or three in the eye for Microsoft and its recently released Zune digital music player and online store. Hello. Goodbye.