On April 1, Steve Jobs will either receive a big thank you or a jester’s hat for him to show off to his friends: that’s what the folks at Defective by Design will send him depending on whether he takes one the actions outlined in their open letter. They’re asking Apple’s CEO to prove his love for DRM-free media by doing at least one of the following:

  1. Dropping DRM on iTunes for independent artists
  2. Dropping DRM on iTunes for Disney movies and video
  3. Taking a public stand against DRM and legislation mandating DRM by funding a campaign to repeal the Digital Millenium Copyright Act’s (DMCA) prohibitions.

While these are mildly interesting ideas, you can bet Steve would rather receive a jester’s hat than comply with Defective by Design’s demands, as he’s not known for having his decisions influenced by the outer world. Plus, the disadvantages of having a mix of protected and unprotected music in the iTunes Store have been outlined before, and with Jobs’ one dollar salary, I’m afraid feeding his family will take priority over funding anti-DMCA campaigns (I kid, I kid). Nevertheless, it would be a nice surprise to see anti-DRM action taken by Apple in the coming months. Or at least see Steve wearing a jester’s hat at his next keynote appearance — we’ve seen far worse.

This blog first appeared on our sister site Mac User (US)