BlackBerry threw a party the other night to celebrate the launch of its new Pearl phone. I was there, duly sipping champers and looking at the celebs hired to add glamour to the event.

BlackBerry Pearl

Actually, that’s not strictly speaking true. Other people were looking at the celebs and pointing them out to me. I haven’t got a clue who: “that girl from Love Island who’s had far too much plastic surgery" is.

Anyway, to the point. I think the world of Blackberry's - they merge all the business functionality of a PDA with decent web browsing and email software. But for a long time they have been associated with people who wear stuffy suits. So why is RIM throwing the type of party more usually associated with a Sony product?

The answer is that the Pearl is a cool phone. I mean really cool! Not only does it do email, proper web surfing, text and instant messaging; it also does photographs, video, music and all the cool stuff that most modern mobiles do.

And it looks cool!

Sorry if this sounds like a shameless plug, but I really like BlackBerry phones and the fact that RIM has actually turned it from a practical brick into a stylish mobile really impresses me. Aside from the ever-upcoming Apple Mobile, you won’t find a better communications device.

Shame it costs so bloody much though. £40 a month on contract…