An analyst is blaming the weather in the UK for the fact that we spend more time online every month than anywhere else in the world.

I admit it’s not great outside right now, but I’m sure there are many more reasons why we’re spending so much time online.

Maybe it’s the lack of decent telly? Perhaps it’s because we prefer to send emails to people rather than phone them? Possibly everyone in the UK has got obsessed with FaceBook? I know I have.

Alternatively it could be that there is more to entertain us Brits online. I’m not just saying this because I am one, but British journalism is the best in the world, and we’re also pretty good at reporting celebrity gossip too…

Another conceivable reason why we spend so much time online might be that we tend to have broadband scuscription packages that mean we can leave our internet connection ‘always on’. If you don’t pay as you go, why disconnect from the web?

Bob Ivins, managing director of comScore Europe, the company that came up with the internet usage figures, also cited an increase in broadband usage as a reason for our internet fixation. But we aren’t the most broadband equipped country in Europe – that accolade goes to The Netherlands with 83 per cent online.

Nor is it because there are physically more people online here – Germany holds that claim to fame, 35.6 million, and they spend less time online than the average European.

If you were wondering, the average UK internet user spends 34.4 hours on the web each month. Next up are the Swedes with 31.7 hours per month.

The average for Europe is 24.1 hours per month. The Spanish spend 30.6 hours and Germans just 22.6 hours online each month.

Internet users in the US spend 31.4 hours a month online.

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