I've moved house and set up broadband over Christmas, which is now running at a fairly fast 8GB (5.5GB realtime) speed. Anyway, here are two recommendations/shameless plugs:

1. After hearing countless disaster stories regarding other venders (notably Sky) I went for a reliable ISP that doesn't sell gas, television, electricity, or household products and do a spot of broadband on the side - but one that provides people with the internet for a living. So thanks to Madasafish for providing a fast, efficient and pain-free broadband connection service.

2. Devolo came to visit me in December and left its dLAN 200 AVdesk system for testing. Consider it duly tested! This system is truly a revelation. Two ethernet boxes that turn your household electrical mains system into an instant network with 200Mbps speed. Setup really is just a case of plugging it into your computer and the mains - honestly, it doesn't even need instructions. It's much faster than WiFi, isn't restricted by walls and is perfect if you've got a Xbox 360 or any other device that needs a fast connection.

This got me thinking. This network made out of your household wiring would be perfect for Apple's upcoming iTV product. So perfect, in fact, that I wouldn't be surprised to see Apple incorporate it into its own computers. Imagine that as a selling point. Instant networking whenever you plug a Mac (or iTV or any other Apple product) in to the mains.

I think it'd be cool, but we'll find out in a couple of weeks at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.