Legendary UK band, The Charlatans, have released their new album through UK radio station, XFM, making it available in its entirety through the channel’s website.

You Cross My Path is the latest tour de force from the Tim Burgess led ensemble. The band got together to record the album last year having already decided to release the collection for free through the internet.

Lead singer Tim Burgess told me: “When we were recording the album, we already knew we were going to release it for free over the internet, and that’s when we realised we had to make it a brilliant album - you can’t cheat free.”

The ten-track album is available in its entirety now from XFM. Tracks are made available in MP3 format and will work with any computer or device that supports the format, including any iPod.

Burgess explains: “We want 'the people' to own the music and we want the artist i.e. us, to own the copyright. Why let a record company get in the way of the people getting the music?”

XFM is also hosting a competition to win white label vinyl copies of the album (which are incredibly rare). The band will release the collection on CD, offering fans pre-ordering the physical release now an additional discount on a gig ticket to any date on their forthcoming tour as an incentive.

Download the new Charlatans album here.