Digital photography. Let’s face it; we’re never going back to the days of shooting in film and then queuing up in Boots or Jessops to collect the prints from our holiday.

Now we can take as many photos as we like, limited only by the size of our memory card. These snapshots can be stored on our Macs, shown in glorious slideshows on our Mac or TV, or hosted online to be shared with friends and family. We need never again buy an album to protect our photos from greasy fingerprints.

We might be saving a few trees but does this mean that generations to come will not be able to enjoy looking through fading photo albums from distant generations? Will what will become hundreds of thousands of digital photographs collected over the years be forgotten, or even worse, deleted?

It’s all very well that we can view our photos every time we switch on our Mac. But what about when you want to share your snaps with the grandparents, or with your friends on a night out? Well, while it’s true that the iPod steps in quite nicely here – you can view your photos on its 2.5in screen (or 1.5in if it’s an iPod nano) – it doesn’t match the experience of looking at a 4x6in photograph.

One of my new year's resolutions is to print of a photograph or two every time I take a collection of photographs at a party, on holiday, when visiting friends, or just out and about. I'm going to get an album and stick them in there scrap-book-style. I reckon that this time next year I'll be glad that I did.