I was reading Digital World and saw this entry about HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray. The title is appropriately “Blu-ray Beats HD DVD in… Oh, Who Cares?” It’s starting to get to that point for me. Apple is officially behind Blu-ray, but since hearing that announcement, what has happened as a result? No Mac ships with the associated drive.

It may be a personal motivation, but since I’ve gotten an HD TV, I’ve been looking to choose one format or the other. It seems silly to me that I’m using a DVD player with my fancy new TV. In fact, I’m using a Playstation 2, so I’m not even getting the video upscaled. Every time I think about buying an upscaling DVD player, I look at the low end HD-DVD players. Then I begin to think about the fact that I’ll be committing to a format that chances are won’t be supported by Apple or playable on any of my Macs.

Apple’s hesitance can be explained by two reasons. First, Leopard could be bringing support for Blu-ray and AACS. Second, Apple is gearing up to distribute HD content via the iTunes Store and would like to make that the preferred HD movie medium for Macs in the future. I really hope the second reason is not prominent as it could spell doom for support for either physical format. If that happens, we all lose.

In the meantime, I’m feeling left in the lurch. I don’t think I’m alone.