When it comes to task management I've discovered a couple of great programs for 'getting things done' that I thought I'd share with you.

First of all I'll point out that 'Getting Things Done' is a time-management and productivity methodology by David Allen doing the rounds at the moment. David Allen's book and site does raise many a heckle due to its American-corporate look-&-feel, but get past this and there are plenty of good ideas about how to deal with 'stuff' (identify it, get rid of it, put the stuff you need to do in the right place). There's a good summary of it here.

Anyway, being a busy sort I'm a big fan of this. Until recently I've been using a program called iGTD, which enables you to sort tasks by context as well as due date and priority (so you can organise tasks by those you'll do at home and those you'll do at work, for example. You can also sort tasks into projects and a mixture of projects and contexts. Best of all is the speed with which you can add tasks: just tap in 'blog about iGTD' and 'Today' and it appears. Tap in 'Mow the lawn' and 'Saturday' and it'll be ready for you at the weekend (even if it is just to ignore).

I love iGTD, but I've recently switched to another program (or website as it happens) called Remember The Milk. I must admit that I'm not quite as enamoured by this as iGTD, but it's early days yet. The main advantage is that its web-based, like Google Calendar, so I can access it at home, work and across both Mac and PCs (should I have the misfortune to be using Boot Camp at some point in the future).

So if you're swamped by 'stuff', then you should get into 'getting things done'. If for no other reason than because that way you can spend more time doing bugger all.