If you’re not familiar with the Guitar Hero franchise, then I’m afraid we’re going to have a little chat. You’re going to need to stop surfing the web; run to your nearest game store and pick up a copy of any Guitar Hero game you can get your hands on. I’m not jok… do I look like I’m joking, son?

What, no video game console? Well, it just might be your lucky day. Aspyr’s announced that they’ll be porting the forthcoming Guitar Hero III to the Mac, the first game from the series to make the leap. Aspyr will also be doing a PC version of the game, and there’ll be cross-platform multiplayer for the game’s “battle mode.”

Of course, there’s little good to having the game without a guitar, so it’ll ship in a box that also contains a USB guitar controller modeled on a Gibson. No price has been announced yet, but you’ll be able to start rocking out sometime in October, within weeks of the game’s launch for consoles. System requirements aren’t available yet, but Aspyr says they’re working hard to make Guitar Hero III available to “the greatest number of PC and Mac owners.” That’s good news for Mac users and would-be rockstars everywhere.

Via, MacUser (US)