I could have been a rich man if I'd had a few thousand pounds to invest in Apple shares four years ago, as $50,000 dollars spent on that stock in mid-October 2003 would be worth a million dollars today.

While that's definitely a slice of retrospective advice that sinks down the throat like a bitter pill, it does underscore Apple's phenomenal achievement in turning itself around.

The company's shares have climbed $160 in the last five years - it wasn't that long ago when Apple shares cost around $7 each.

If any one of us had possessed $5,000 (£2,450.22 at today's rate) we could have invested in around 700 shares at that time, those shares would be worth $112,000 today.

That's £54,882.78 at today's exchange rate.

An investment of just over £24,000 would mean I had half a million pounds in my pocket today.

This amply indicates why Wall Street has an infatuation with Apple right now, which means the stock is worth $167.25 as of this morning, up $5.02 on Friday's trading.

For an impecunious writer of words, it's also a little frustrating.

In favour of total disclosure, I should say I have no position in Apple stock.