Everyone's started saving for an iPhone, even though I'm sure that version 2 will be much more stable and actually have 3G support for a truer multimedia experience, and probably cheaper.

Jonathan Ive, Apple's British hardware designer and rightful winner of numerous industrial design awards, has finally come up with a design that blows away the competition. It's been a rather long wait for another standout Apple design, and in the past couple of months only the new-look iPod shuffle has got a gasp out of the waiting world.

All Apple's recent Macs have looked pretty identical to those non-Intel models they replaced (disappointing). The AppleTV looks like a thin Mac mini (boring), and the new AirPort Extreme is a similar box (even more boring), and a step back from the innovative UFO original (impractical but interesting).

If Apple's iPhone (cool and stylish) had looked like just another mobile (boring), I'd have started wondering what Jonathan gets up to every day. I expect we'll see a few more surprises as Apple revamps its Mac range throughout the year. Please...