It’s fair to say that the iPhone exceeded all our expectations of what an Apple mobile would be like. Yes, we knew it would be an iPod; yes, we knew you’d be able to make calls on it. We even guessed it would have a touch screen from Apple’s patent (see the mock up on our cover).

But what we didn’t know was just how sweet it would look when it all worked together. Everything on it just seems to work beautifully – guess that’s Apple for you.

However, it’s also fair to say that the iPhone has a couple of shortcomings. Not least of which is that hobble 4GB Flash drive. There’s no way that’ll contain anywhere near enough movie content for the widescreen video display to earn its keep.

Also, 3G isn’t included – although this is a promised future addition. Neither is GPS, which would compliment that Google Maps app to a T. There’s also a noticeable absence of Skype, or free broadband communication, software for a WiFi enabled mobile phone.

In short, there’s plenty of room to move here. And I think Apple knows it. So while we’re all cooing over the visual sheen of the iPhone, don’t forget to think about the real possibilities of where it can go in the future. That’s why it’s going to be worth the $500 price tag – it’s future tech.