Lightning never strikes twice, apparently. It's an almost random cosmic force, worshipped as a god at one time by some of our ancestors before we moved from the worship of nature to the nature of divinity. But to gain lightning a little respect these days all anybody seems to need to do is stick an iPod in its story.

iPod users, we're warned today, should never listen to their music player when out and about during an electrical storm.

Well - that's been the headline. What's happened is that sensible advice has been sensationalised for a headline - is this an Apple world we live in now that every headline needs one of its products in it?

In essence, the advice is ever so simple: "Don't use an iPod, MP3 player, laptop or other electrical gadget when you're outdoors in a thunderstorm - as the gadget could attract a lightning strike, and you could be exiting immediately to the iAfterlife."

But look at a little selection of the headlines this advice has spawned - think for a second, if all anyone ever read were headlines, then does the headline tell the whole story?

Warning over iPod lightning strike injuries
IC Wales.

Lightning jolts iPod world
Baltimore Sun.

iPods worsen lightning strike injuries: Doctors
National Post

You can look at these headlines and think the iPod is to blame - that there is no lightning without music players. C'mon people, Apple may be good, but it's not in control of the celestial storm. Steve Jobs hasn't ascended unto heaven just yet, iPods don't create the weather.

Looking through this morning's chatter, at least one headline writer got it write, warning without sensationalising, trivialising, misinforming in their clarion call.

'When thunder roars, stay indoors'
Independent Online.

Don't you think the headline above gets it right - and frankly, it's good advice to stay in during a thunderstorm whether you're using an electrical gadget or not.

After all, you might get wet.

It's enough to make you cynical, but I came pre-equipped.