It's being reported that Apple is cutting iTunes Plus prices by 20-pence, effectively matching the price of DRM-laden iTunes songs. Does this mean users will be able to upgrade their music from one format to the other at no charge?

The rumour seems to have generated a life of its own, with multiple news outlets claiming the price discount to be a fait accompli.

However, few iTunes Plus tracks are currently available at the new price - the only ones I can find are from Swedish alt. rockers, The Perishers.

In the past I've complained that it's not possible simply to upgrade tracks you have selected from among your music collection, as the only upgrade option is to upgrade all your tracks, forcing music fans to purchase more track upgrades than they may prefer.

As reported, Apple's decision to reduce the cost of iTunes Plust tracks to 79-pence is the company's response the Amazon's move into the music download market, offering DRM-free tracks at lower prices than those of iTunes Plus.

If that is the case, it's one example of how competition can benefit consumers. Would iTunes Plus track prices be dropped without the threat of Amazon?

If these reports prove true - and it's also being reported that indie labels will be able to sell their tracks through the DRM-free iTunes Plus service (at last) - then I'm highly curious as to what upgrade options will be offered to customers who want to migrate their collections to iTunes Plus.

Let's wait and see.