Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. Two technological titans enter the cage for a no holds barred conversation.

In this corner, weighing in at 175 lbs soaking wet, the Mauler from Microsoft, the Reaper of Redmond, the man who can single-handedly destroy everything you love and care about, Sir Dr William Henry Gates III. And in the red corner, his opponent, the Cuber from Cupertino, the Avenger of Apple, the gentleman who brought you the Macintosh, the iPod, and a reason to live: Steven Paul Jobs.

Two will enter…but only…er…two will leave.

The venue for this historic meeting of frenemies? The fifth D: All Things Digital conference, hosted by the Wall Street Journal and produced by everybody’s favorite technology journalist, Walt Mossberg. Two years ago, the same event gave us this lovely photo-op.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates talking

This year promises to be even more entertaining, as Jobs and Gates take the stage to have an open and frank conversation about everything from technology to their choice of hair-care products.

MacUser off-track betting is now open on how long before the conversation devolves into name-calling and hair-pulling. Three minutes is the current favorite, at 2:1. Place your bets, and we’ll find out on Wednesday.