Thursday 5th May, 2011

For a company that claims "it's good to talk", BT could at least offer you a person to talk to when your BT line has a fault. 

Unfortunately, BT doesn't want to talk about it.

When we discovered the fault on our landline at home (which means no Internet other than via 3G on my iPhone) all we could do was register the fault on BT's Fault tracking & repair webpage

It's possible to check your line, which we did. It then takes you through various steps before concluding that it needs to think about it and will get back to you. 

Getting back to you isn't via a human voice, but either by text, or via email. I opted for email. 

The email came through a few hours later. When I read it I assumed that it was saying the fault would be fixed by the end of the day. But no, re reading it I realised that BT's date for fixing fault is TUESDAY next week! 

The email offered a link to the BT website - still no phone numbers... I logged onto the website and found that not only will BT not be fixing the fault until Tuesday, they say that it is a fault at its exchange. So it's BT's fault not ours - so why do we have to suffer! 

Next step was to try and find a phone number to call. I eventually tracked down a number to contact BT customer service on this page. Went through various steps as a automated message asked what number I was calling about, told me the fault was with their exchange, asked for a contact number, and then hung up on me when I 'held for assistance'.

I should have known they wouldn't want to talk... 

Someone out there must know a way to get through to them... 

Friday 6th May, 2011

After calling back on the number above on Thursday evening I was given the option to leave my number for someone to call me back on. I'm sure that this wasn't an option I was granted with earlier, but anyway. Within about 20 minutes I had a call back from BT's call centre. 

A very helpful supervisor explained the nature of the fault to me - apparently something had short circuited at the exchange. He explained that rather than BT not addressing the problem until Tuesday - as seemed to be the case according to their email - there would be a enginneer at the exchange on Friday morning and they would be working on the problem straight away. The reference to Tuesday was a worst case scenario - in case the issue couldn't be rectified straight away.

I suggested that BT really needs to reword their automated emails, and he replied that they get a lot of calls from people about the five day 'worst case scenario' timing. Apparently BT is testing a new automated system that may address this. 

BT offered to transfer any calls that came though on the landline number to my mobile. I explained that I wasn't interested in the phone calls, and that being without internet was the real issue here. There was nothing they could offer me. 

This morning at 8.30am my landline phone rang and it was BT calling to say it was fixed. 

So a happy ending to my BT trauma. I do hope anyone reading this with a similar crisis going on is as lucky!