Great! We won’t be committing a criminal offence if we use one of those FT transmitter devices, like the Griffin iTrip or the Belkin TuneCast with an iPod after 8 December.

Thing is, those devices are all pretty useless in London where there are so many pirate radio stations that you simply can’t find a free frequency anywhere on the dial to tune into. It’s nice that these FM transmitters are now legal here in the UK, but whether they are any use to us is another point altogether.

It’s a shame that there isn’t an easier way to play your iPod in the car, without having to wire up something through your dashboard, or alternatively going back in time and finding a car radio with a cassette deck (so you can use one of those cassette players like the Griffin SmartDeck)

I’ll just have to wait till cars with built-in iPod docks get into my price range (maybe in a decade then…)

Of course by then there will be no need to hook your iPod up to your car stereo because all the music and everything else will be stored on your car’s hard drive, according to Hitachi.