So, you remember the Lord of the Rings, right? And that place where the evil overlord, Sauron, lived? Mordor. Well, word on the street is that that name means something completely different to Apple's technical staff.

You see, scurrilous weekly gossip publication, Popbitch, today has included an Apple story. After all, why not? Everybody seems to do that these days.

The story claims that hardware boffins from Apple headquarters in California get sent fairly regularly on two week assignments to China. It's not a particularly exotic or enticing mission, though - the Apple staffers must spend their time working in the "city-sized FoxConn factory in Shenzen, China, where iPods are made and tested."

The punchline?

"Internally at Apple this is known as 'being sent to Mordor', the Popbitch report helpfully explains"