Hello, I'm Andy. I'm into fun stuff, you know, video, photos, music, that sort of thing. Oh hang on, I seem to have become Mitchell/Webb (which is which? No-one knows) enacting the virtues of Mac computing.

But hey, despite the deeply irritating ads, I'll adopt the sentiment on this occasion - I like Macs because of what I can do on them, not because of a fondness for Steve Jobs's (admittedly flawless) choice of jumpers.

I first saw a Mac when I went to magazine school. I found myself in a white room with 30 white eMacs in it. I assumed I was in space.

I first used a Mac in that windowless university room. QuarkXPress on an ancient eMac. It crashed. A lot.

Then I got a job, and realised I was the only person in the office that didn't have an iPod. So I snapped one up - third generation, with the four buttons across the top. Still my favourite design, even though mine has since been pinched and I upgraded to a black video-playing one.

I also learnt that up-to-date Macs weren't just one-buttoned oddities that crashed all the time. Keyboard shortcuts? For absolutely everything? Genius! I wouldn't want to work on anything else.

And now, I have my very own blog space on Macworld magazine. Huzzah! Expect iPod-themed ramblings, tales of breaking various gadgets, and strong agreement with everything Mark, Karen, Jonny, and Rick blog. See you tomorrow...