I don't want to put a dampener on your weekend, especially as the sun has finally come out, but it's festival season. You'd be wise to pack your mac. As in waterproof coat - I'm not suggesting you lug your Mac Pro into the boot of you camper van alongside your tent, a 48-pack of Stella and a 12-pack of Immodium.

I don't want to curse your festival experience, and it's not just sour grapes because Karen got Glasto tickets and I didn't (dammit), I'm just saying: if you're in a field, listening to loud live music, drunk, wearing your finest trampy-boho outfit, it usually buckets down.

If you're into your consumer technology, this is especially bad news. A drenched iPod is a useless iPod. A sodden mobile phone just doesn't ring. OverBoard clearly has experience of such things. The company specialises in waterproofing your gadgets, and has just launched its latest mac-style cases for all your expensive toys. Now your iPod can look as indie as you, in your vintage 70s cagoul.

There's an OverBoard coat for iPods, cameras, phones - you could even take your PSP to Glasto safe in the knowledge that it'll keep dry even if you lose it in a mudslide.

You can get yourself one here.