If nothing else, this year's MacExpo confirms that convergence between computers and home entertainment is no longer a shallow buzzword, but a reality - and Apple and its partners lead the market.

There's a host of products here that reinforce this belief - that computers are rapidly becoming essential, mass market devices, rather than pure productivity and gaming solutions.

The explosive advance of these new technologies have clearly benefitted from Apple's success with its iPod and iTunes offerings.

That success has helped generate massive growth in digital content, meaning that other manufacturers now can confidently explore the market: from TV tuners to the Harmon Kardon Digital Lounge, the depth and breadth of on-show solutions confirms this.

Other solutions, such as the Nike+ iPod products, demonstrate that computers are emerging as essential items for modern media-savvy consumers.

MacExpo isn't just about technologies that enable the consumption of digital entertainment - it's also a showcase for the wealth of products and solutions that show the impact of computing on content creation.

From digital cameras to software, from design to the web, music, education, business and beyond, the Mac has clearly become a leading platform for the creation, distribution and consumption of all forms of media, with ever-more business-focused tools helping the platform stake a space in the way we conduct transactions today.

If there is a lesson from the show it can perhaps be summed-up in the colour the new customer-focused Quark is using to brand its large stand at Olympia - green.

Green is a colour that represents hope, according to some colour theorists.

With Mac market share climbing fast, MacExpo shows that Apple (under the watchful eye of company CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs) now offers a platform that's supported by a feature, product and service set that makes it the ideal choice for any media-centric application.

Jobs recently summed-up the company's strategy: "You know, Apple's in your den now, right? iTunes is running on a Mac, hopefully, or maybe a PC, but Apple's in your den. We're in your living room with iTV driving a big screen. Apple's in your car, and of course, Apple's in your pocket with the iPod. I hope this gives you a little idea of where we are going."

MacExpo brings the Apple message home.

Don't miss it - it closes tomorrow, and won't return until next year.